Alumni and Theses

Here you can find a list of the students in the Physics of the Universe program.

For each one we report the title of the thesis and the relative link in the thesis archive of the University of Pisa:

Year 2021

  • Andrei Lipovanu, “Population synthesis to study Gravitational Waves and Electromagnetic observations of isolated Pulsars” (Link)
  • Tommaso Giovannelli, “Unveling Fermi unidentified sources with machine learning” (Link)
  • Michele Messina, “Deep learning methods for direct searches of continuous gravitational wave emission” (Link)
  • Laura Panebianco, “Multiwavelength Observations of Gamma-Ray Pulsar PSR J1809-2332 and its Pulsar Wind Nebula” (Link)
  • Ludovica Di Baldassarre, “Machine learning techniques for blind searches of new gamma-ray pulsars with Fermi” (Link)
  • Elia Pizzati, “Galactic outflows and their role in high-z extended halos formation” (Link)

Year 2020

  • Sebastiano Randino, “Deep learning methods for low-latency detection and localization of gravitational-wave transients” (Link)
  • Giorgio Nicolini, “TIMeR”: a time-domain waveform model for testing General Relativity with gravitational waves” (Link)
  • Luana Michela Modafferi, “The X-ray temporal and spectral analysis of incredibly variable blazars: the case of Markarian 421” (Link)
  • Sophie Bini, “Unsupervised classification of short transient noise to improve gravitational wave detection” (Link)
  • Stefano Rinaldi, “Inference of cosmological parameters from gravitational wave observations”, (Link)

Year 2019

  • Nunziato Sorrentino, “Study of Periodic Polarized X-ray Emission with IXPE”, (Link)