Program Overview

Physics of the Universe is a set of courses (Piano di Studi) for the master course (Laurea Magistrale) in Physics.

The duration of the program is two years as for the standard Laurea Magistrale curricula. The courses and activities are organized in order to reach the total of 120 credits (CFUs) required to get the master degree in Physics. The structure of this Piano di Studi is the following:

  • A set of 4 mandatory foundamental courses (total 36 CFU) aimed at introducing a solid comprension of the basis of the field;
  • A set of three courses to be chosen among a set of alternatives (24-27 CFU);
  • A set of more specialistic courses that can be chosen among a larger list, up to a total of 12-15 CFU.
  • In order to reach the required amout of Credits, the student will have to carry on a thesis project that will be presented at a final exam (45 CFU)

Every year we expand the list of courses, but in this website you will find the list of courses available every year.

List of courses 2020-2021