Courses AA 2022-2023

Here is the list of courses available for the Academic Year 2022-2023

Set of Fundamental Courses (36 CFU)

Theoretical Physics (FIS 02)9
Astroparticle Physics (FIS 01/05)9
Multimessenger Physics Laboratory (FIS 01)9
General Relativity (FIS 02)9

Courses in alternative (24-27 CFU)

Group 1
Stellar Physics A (FIS 05)6
General Astrophysics (FIS 05)*6
Astrophysical Processes (FIS 05)9
Cosmology of the Early Universe6

Group 2
Fundamentals of matter-radiation interaction (FIS 03)9
Nuclear Reactions of astrophysical interest (FIS 04)9

Group 3
Statistical Data Analysis (FIS 01)9
Numerical Methods in Physics9
Gravitational Wave Physics9
*If not already taken during Laurea Triennale

Free courses (12-15 CFU, up to the total of 120 CFU)

Theoretical Physics 2 (FIS 02)9
Plasma Physics (FIS 05)9
Cosmology of the Early Universe (FIS 05)9
Gravitational Wave Physics (FIS 01)6 or 9
Experimental Methods for astroparticle physics (FIS 01)9
Astroparticle Physics (FIS 01)9
Astrophysical Black Holes (FIS 05)6
Introduction to Bayesian Theory (FIS 05)6
Physics of Compact Stars (FIS 04)6
Observational Astrophysics (FIS 01)9
Fundamental Interactions (FIS 01)9
Laboratory of Fundamental Interactions (FIS 01)9
Extragalactic Astrophyics and Cosmology (FIS 05)9
Diffuse cosmic medium (FIS 05)6

Final Exam (45 CFU)

Total 120 CFU